I’m Tizzie, and I’m a momma on a mission.

The idea that we send the children we love to school every day and pray they make it home alive is heartbreaking. So I want to help change the game.

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One school shooting is too many.

Raised in a family of educators, I started my career in education, managing programs that provide care for children before and after school. My love of people eventually drew me to human resources, where I’ve worked alongside brilliant minds at companies from Honda to Battelle to IGS Energy. My passion—and, quite frankly, a whole bunch of signs from God—propelled me here, doing this.

I want to protect our children. I want to protect them in the short term by providing innovative products they could use to shield themselves from bullets if the need arose. And I want to protect them in the long term by helping spark conversations that lead to reform.

Meaningful change is ultimately the only way we solve this problem. And because we’re committed to making an impact, this year we’re donating a portion of our proceeds to the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation.  

Talking about school shootings is hard.

I know, because I’ve done it with my own kids, who are 10 and 14. The idea of having to discuss school shootings and the importance of using the shield can be scary. But they’re having these conversations whether we wish they were or not. (Cue the school email telling you it’s active shooter drill day.) So why not make that conversation empowering? I’m giving you this so that you can be your own superhero.

My goal is for our kids to never need something to protect themselves, but until then, we’re in this together— and together is the only way we win.

To sparking change,


Together is the only way we win.

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