About The Spark Project™

Our patent pending SPARK™ Shield has successfully completed rigorous testing and is now available! 

They are your children, my children, our children—each and every one of them. And society needs to tackle a myriad of issues to protect them against school shootings—gun safety, mental health and more.

We manufacture bullet- resistant, folder-sized, customizable SPARK™ Shields easily transported in backpacks that children could use in the event of a school shooting.

We also aim to serve as a catalyst for conversation and ultimately change through community forums and other events.

Our Mission

The Spark Project™ is on a mission to protect children and communities with innovative products while igniting positive social change.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ignite positive social change in every community, everywhere.

Our Story

How We Got Started

God gave me my last sign in October of 2017 and then I knew my purpose on earth was to protect our kids. So, I set out to create a product that could protect kids against a school shooting. Three years later I couldn’t be more grateful to be alongside so many amazing people that have joined me on this mission.

Where We Are Now

We are so excited to share we successfully completed extensive testing and the SPARK Shield is available now!

Superheroes Unite!

A portion of our proceeds goes to a nonprofit. Because we’re in this together.

We are donating to a nonprofit because ‘we’re in this together’ aren’t just words – it’s about action. We are passionate about protecting our kids and equally passionate about giving back.

Together is the only way we win.

About The Spark Project

Our Founder

Our Story

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