Performance Testing

60+ Shots. 0 Failures. Spark™ Shields Work.

We hope children never have to use a Spark™ Shield.

But we cannot merely hope that Spark™ Shields will never have to be used.

That’s why we continue to put Spark™ Shields through test, after test, after test.

Spark™ Shields Stop 44 Magnum, 9mm, 357 Magnum, 38 Special, & 22 Caliber Bullets

Designed to Meet NIJ Standard 0108.01 Type III-A


Certified independent laboratories have tested the Spark™ Shield per the National Institute of Justice Type III-A Standard (Standard 0108.01), which says that a single shield panel should be tested and shown to stop five projectiles from a .44 Magnum handgun.

Specifically, testing should use a .44 Magnum Lead SWC Gas Checked bullet because it is the most difficult NIJ Level III-A bullet to stop.

We’ve tested more than 12 Spark™ Shields with .44 Magnum Lead SWC Gas Checked projectiles, as well as other projectiles (including 9mm and .357 Magnum) to demonstrate the Spark™ Shield’s robustness.

We’ve also tested the Spark™ Shield as it would be used – held out in front with two hands – which goes beyond the NIJ Standard requirements to demonstrate effectiveness.

To date, the Spark™ Shield has stopped everything we’ve shot at it.

Spark Project Shield

No Shield Is Bulletproof. The Spark™ Shield Is the Next Best Thing.

98% Confidence Level Exceeds Industry Standards

It’s impossible to say that we are 100% confident that a shield will stop 100% of the bullets it’s designed to stop.


Because that would require us to shoot each Spark™ Shield that comes off the factory line. And if we did that, they would all be unusable.

That’s why armor like the Spark™ Shield is considered “bullet-resistant” instead of “bulletproof.”

The industry standard is to be 90% confident that a product will stop 90% of projectiles.

That standard isn’t good enough for us.

We designed Spark™ Shields to have a 98% confidence level that they will stop 90% of bullets they’re designed for.

Confidence Level

Learn How Performance Testing Works

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